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This dreadful threat had the desired effect, and through the two remaining fields the three pair of small legs trotted on without any serious interruption, notwithstanding a small pond full of tadpoles, alias bullheads, which the lads looked at wistfully. The damp hay that must be scattered and turned afresh tomorrow was not a cheering sight to Mr. Poyser, who during hay and corn harvest had often some mental struggles as to the artistas famosas mulheres nuas peladas of a day of rest; but no temptation would have induced him to carry on any field-work, however early in the morning, on a Sunday; for had not Michael Holdsworth had a pair of oxen sweltered while he was ploughing on Good Friday. That was a demonstration that work on sacred days was a wicked artistas famosas mulheres nuas peladas and with wickedness of any sort Martin Poyser was quite clear that he would have nothing to do, since money got by such means would never prosper. It amost makes your fingers itch to be at the hay now the sun shines so, he observed, as they passed through the Big Meadow.
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